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How to Pass Any Certification Exams

Easy tips to help you pass a Certification Exam


1. Use only the ‘recommended’ and ‘official’ book by the company that issues the certification because mostly the books have more detail content and straightforward. At least, study another book to help with your understanding.

2. Prepare for the exam at least few weeks in advance. Don’t feel rushed and start slowly and review all the needed exam material you plan on taking. Take advantage from any information to help you focus and study that areas, over and over.

3. Use your method to study. Some people are good with memory and reading everything will help. Some prefer to study using videos or flashcards.

4. Take notes as you read any material that you find hard to understand. Take your time slowly to digest and study hard the material. Always check if there are anything that you don’t understand.

5. Take advantage of any free quizzes or exam practice test that covers the material on the exams. Make sure you take the test until you can answer every question easily. Doing it after few attempts, you will start to memorize the correct answer. When reading a question, watch out words like NOT, BEST, or UNLIKELY that might change the meaning of the question. If multiple choice questions, eliminate any wrong answer. Read the question again and make sure the best answer fits the question.

6. Practice makes prefect. Even in the last minute, try to practice if you feel the need. Study for 20 minute before the exam and maybe a few extra information may come useful during the exam.

7. Relax and make sure you get a good night sleep. Lack of sleep before taking the exam, will not help you. Your body is tired and slowly not allow you to focus and give unclear memory. At least no less than 7 hour sleep. Make sure to bring all the essential tools for the exam; pencils, calculator and gum to reduce stress and increase alertness. Before you start, prepare your brain to start producing information that needed.

8. Take your time answer all the questions. Start answer all the easy questions, go back and try to solve the questions you did not answer. Try to answer as many questions as possible and don’t be afraid to change answer on questions you’re not sure about.

Good Luck. Do you have any tips?